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PACE TENNIS was founded as a means to provide affordable tennis lessons and coaching to all.
Tennis is a sport for all to learn and enjoy, regardless of age or athletic ability.
We are not a country club or tennis club, so there are no fees, or memberships, Ever!
We are dedicated, USPTA certified professionals, who teach tennis at local public tennis courts. We strive to promote a positive "can do" team environment, and discourage a negative mentality. 

At PACE TENNIS we will always teach the modern game and show our dedication and commitment by learning all there is to learn about a constantly evolving and changing game through continual education and seminars offered by the USPTA.

 We offer programs for beginners through advanced players and they are customized to each student, minimizing the learning curve and getting the student to a competitive level faster!

Interested in learning more?
Emerson Perez is a USPTA-certified tennis instructor and founder of PACE TENNIS.  Emerson is the director of all programs, tennis camps, and academies at PACE TENNIS. 

Emerson has been playing most of his life with the exception of an eight-year span when he served in the United States Army.

He arrived in Charlotte fifteen years ago and used the beautiful Carolina weather to fine tune his game year round.  The Carolina weather and year-round tennis offered him the opportunity to pursue a passion and dream he had for quite a while, teaching tennis year round!

Emerson has coached alongside the area's leading USPTA pros. His biggest influence in his growth as both a tennis player and instructor has been from his mentor, Eric Snyder, who is USPTA certified and owns On the Ball Racquet Stringing and is a Tennis Coach at Providence Day School.  

Emerson has  worked at some of the local country clubs and tennis clubs, but he came to realize that country clubs and tennis clubs are not where his talents are best served.  Emerson decided to teach middle school teams, high school teams, and adults and children at local public parks throughout the area. This enabled Emerson to be flexible in pricing, to customize his lessons to the students' needs, and to provide a service that was lacking in the industry. Plus, it gave him an opportunity to reach people from all walks of life and introduce them to tennis.

As a professional, Emerson strives to maintain his vision and his dedication to promoting and teaching the sport of tennis in a professional and positive manner. His passion and knowledge can be clearly seen and is reflective in his teaching style and in the way he helps students achieve their goals.  Emerson has a positive approach to his teaching, with a belief system that anything is possible, and if you work hard at it and truly believe you deserve it , then you will achieve and surpass whatever goals you set both in tennis and in life!

Emerson has coached and trained students from all walks of life and age groups, but always prefers working with the underdog.  Emerson has also coached middle school, high school varsity teams and college-level players, as well as USTA single players, doubles teams, and leagues.
PACE TENNIS is dedicated and committed to your success, both on the courts and off.

We simply ask for the opportunity to help you reach your goals, and for you to experience the difference in our teaching style and in the results we can achieve together.

HonestyHonesty at all cost to our students and parents; we don’t want to mislead you. 

Trust- By being professional we strive to earn the trust of our students and parents.

Respect- We will treat every student as a vital part of our business.

Dedication- We are committed to the sport and will strive to be the best we can be as instructors and coaches.

Integrity- We will do what we say. 

Teamwork -We make a commitment to you, you make a make commitment to us, and together the impossible is achieved.

Emerson Perez
USPTA certified
Founder of PACE TENNIS
 Director of tennis programs
​and Academies

We don't believe in the "make you feel good system".

We are not going to tell you, your good
you are going to prove it to yourself! 
PACE TENNIS is grateful to the many parents and coaches who have offered their support in promoting PACE TENNIS to the tennis community by allowing us the opportunity work and teach their children and players the rewarding sport of tennis. We are also grateful to those who have promoted PACE TENNIS to other potential students, and continue to support us by allowing PACE TENNIS to teach them and their children.